Professor Teaches Flash CS4 Professional
This is the fastest and easiest way to learn Adobe Flash CS4.
Professor Teaches Photoshop CS
A inexpensive and complete training for Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Professor Teaches Word 2003 Advanced
Build your skills and learn eveything you need by yourself!
Professor Teaches FrontPage 2002
This course teaches an incredible software and has training value.
Professor Teaches Windows Vista Home Basic
A computer training course designed to teach you how to use Vista Home Basic.
Professor Teaches QuickBooks
Professional pack with QuickBooks lessons.
Easy English Platinum
Interactive English learning course.
Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2002
This interactive course will boots up your skills in Powerpoint.
Professor Teaches Internet Explorer 7
Helps you learn how to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
Professor Teaches Vista Digital Media
Provides realistic, interactive & complete training for Windows Vista & XP.